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My Journey to Health
Vegan & Gluten Free Ideas: Plant Based Meals and Snacks

My Journey to Health

You can read about my journey to health that started back in late 2013.

When I decided to go Vegan and Gluten free after being told I had Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, I was living on anti-depressants, no sleep, high Cholesterol, low VitD levels, barley sleeping as Clayton who is Autistic didn't, I lived off biscuits, chocolate and fizzy drinks to stay awake

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My Journey to Health Two Years on
What Sick Care do you have in your cupboards holding you back?

I get a lot of messages asking what sort of food I keep in my cupboards as its "hard to buy healthy food all the time", so here......this is what is in MY cupboards.

It's as hard as you want to make it!

Here are my "Go to" cupboards 1 of 2.  Its all about being organised.
1. Curry powder, Chilli flakes, Dried Lentils, Dried Chickpeas, Brown Rice, Mixed Lentils, Red lentils, Quinoa, Pumpkins seeds, Lots of Salt, Pepper and Spice grinders, Coconut oil, Rice vinegar, gf Soy Sauce, jalapenos.
2. Baking top shelve, gf flours, brown sugars, egg replacer, quick cook brown rice, Quinoa flour, dairy free custard, sushi stuff, curry stuff, coconut milk/bamboo, Taco shells and cans beans, puy lentils, chickpeas

Here are my "Go to" cupboards 2 of 2.
1. Almond milk, pea protein, protein flavour mix, protein bars, fruit and veg capsules, honey, cashew butter, Macca powder, Chia seeds, Chollera tablets, Cocoa beans
2. Tea, Tea and more Tea. Sugar grinders, complete protein mix, decaf coffee, chocolate powder

Here are my "Go to" snacks that I always have on hand ready to stop grabing for anything else. Its all about being organised.
1. Homemade Hummus and gf oatcakes
2. Cooked or roasted Veggies. I cook a few extra every night to have in the fridge for the next day.
3. There is ALWAYS a salad cut up ready in my fridge
4. Juice Plus 20g Protein bars cut up in a box to throw in my bag when I go out.

Here are my "Go to" fridge that I ALWAYS, ALWAYS have all of these in the fridge in some variation everyday. Its all about being organised.
1. Homemade Hummus
2. Fridge bites: Nuts, dried fruit, oats & dark 80% chocolate
3. Prepared Salad
4. Prepared Fruit

Here are my "Go to" meals that I can always whip up quick and have these as staple food in the kitchen. All Vegan & Gluten Free. Its all about being organised.
1. Brown Rice, Green lentils & Onions stuffed in roasted peppers with seeweed flakes.
2. Large salad, with home made hummus and red pesto
3. Brown Rice pasta. Vegan mince with stir fried peppers.
4. Falafel

meals i have cooked over the years all vegan & gluten free